Mehr ein Weltteil als eine Stadt: Berlin as Site of Transnational Exchange

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September 30, 2018
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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Mehr ein Weltteil als eine Stadt: Berlin as Site of Transnational Exchange

Northeast Modern Language Association
Washington, D.C., USA
March 21-24, 2019

50th Anniversary Convention Theme: Transnational Spaces: Intersections of Cultures, Languages, and Peoples

This panel seeks perspectives on transnational and cross-cultural exchange in Germany's capital city, Berlin, which author Jean Paul famously described over 200 years ago as “mehr ein Weltteil als eine Stadt.” Topics for consideration may include: How has the interaction between various cultural and linguistic traditions shaped the cityscape and vice versa? How have sociopolitical factors, such as war, occupation, division, (re)unification, migration, and globalization, impacted the nature of these exchanges? How have interpersonal relationships, kinships, and communities changed as Berlin has developed from provincial capital to metropolis? How do local and global networks form around and across intersectional identities? Papers grounded in analyses of textual, visual, and/or performance-based media from any era are welcome.

Please submit abstracts (300 word limit) and a brief bio via the NeMLA portal by September 30, 2018. For conference information, registration, and submission, visit the conference website:

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Panel organizer: Didem Uca, University of Pennsylvania,