Forgotten Lydgate (roundtable) @ ICMS 2019

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September 15, 2018
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Lydgate Society
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This is a roundtable sponsored by the Lydgate Society at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (at Kalamazoo) 2019.

Forgotten Lydgate [roundtable]: Though Lydgate is decidedly not forgotten, much of his work needs considerable attention. His total output is close to 145,000 lines. His most famous, most-studied works, Troy Book, Fall of Princes, and Siege of Thebes, account for about half of those lines. That means half of Lydgate’s corpus comprises three massive works, and half consists of much shorter, and much lesser-examined works. This roundtable questions this scholarly state of affairs, asking why, if Lydgate’s main negative designation is that he is prolix, exhaustive, and needlessly verbose, do we insist on reading those works of his that most clearly demonstrate that quality. It invites participants who would address the question of Lydgate’s under-examined works, either by considering the roots or causes for the neglect, or by bringing those works to the table for examination.


Please send a brief proposal (300 words max) and a participant information form (the form is currently unavailable on the congress website - - but name, affiliation, email, and av requirements should suffice) to: by September 15th.