Lydgate's Geographies: Lydgate and the Continent @ ICMS 2019

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September 15, 2018
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Lydgate Society
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This is a session sponsored by the Lydgate Society at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (at Kalamazoo) 2019.

Lydgate’s Geographies: Lydgate and the Continent: Following up on two successful sessions exploring Lydgate’s relationship to various geographical regions (Lydgate and London in 2017, and Lydgate and East Anglia in 2018), this session expands this geographical exploration to the Continent. Lydgate’s concerns in England did not preclude him from cultivating a relationship with continental literature; indeed, in some cases, such as with A Devowte Invocacioun to Sainte Denys, writing works with continental influence or patronage aided Lydgate’s role as a political poet. This panel will consider works that were written during Lydgate’s “French years,” to use Derek Pearsall’s phrase, such as Dance of Death and works that are translations of continental authors, such as Pilgrimage of the Life of Man and Troy Book in order to facilitate a discussion which considers the way Lydgate's influences were not confined to England.[1] We also welcome papers that seek out Lydgate’s influence on continental literature and grapple with the question of vernacular canon building.


Please send a brief proposal (300 words max) and a participant information form (the form is currently unavailable on the congress website - - but name, affiliation, email, and av requirements should suffice) to: by September 15th.

[1] Pearsall, Derek. John Lydgate. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1970. 177.