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October 1, 2018
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Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association
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shakespeare on film and television

The 2019 PCA/ACA Conference will be held from Wednesday, April 17 to Saturday, April 20, at the Wardman Park Marriot, Washington, D.C.  

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The Shakespeare on Film and Television area explores Shakespeare in a variety of media beyond the traditional stage, including film, television, anime, and magna adaptations.  We have previously had papers on the following topics and invite new ideas all the time.

  • What is a Shakespeare Adaptation?
  • The Future of Shakespeare Adaptations
  • Translating Shakespeare into Film: Additions, Omissions, Anachronisms
  • Shakespearean Auteurs
  • Shakespeare in Silent Film
  • Shakespeare biopics
  • Shakespeare in the Global Marketplace
  • Latino Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare in Korea
  • Anime, Manga, and animated Shakespeares
  • Shakespeare on British Television
  • Sitcom Shakespeare
  • Slings and Arrows, Shakespeare on Canadian Television
  • Twenty-First Century Shakespeare
  • Metatheatrical Shakespeare: Putting on the Plays
  • Transgressive Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare and Sexuality
  • Shakespeare’s Families
  • Shakespeare for the Classroom

Please submit a 250 word proposal and a brief CV before October 1, 2018, to the PCA/ACA website:

Send all inquiries to:
Richard Vela
English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages Department

The University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Pembroke, NC 28372