Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines: Thirty Years After

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October 15, 2018
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Texture: A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
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The Shadow Lines (1988) is Amitav Ghosh’s acclaimed masterpiece. The novel won the Sahitya Akademi award, India’s most prestigious annual literary prize, as well as the Ananda Puraskar in 1990. The novel has gained enormous resonance in postcolonial studies as it touches upon some of the major issues in the fields of colonial history, national identities, memory,time and space, hybridity, transnationalism and borders. It has been seminal in the definition and discussion of a postcolonial cartography.

Thirty years after its publication, it is worth reflecting upon the contemporary relevance of this novel and its position in the oeuvre of Amitav Ghosh. How the novel established the author as a major voice in Indian English Fiction? What has been the literary impact of The Shadow Lines on Indian literature in these decades? How can TSL help us read Ghosh’s later production and how can later novels help us read TSL? Is it possible to interpret the novel within the framework of literary theories? How does it engage with linguistic and discursive strategies, ethics and aesthetics?

The first Special Issue of Texture: A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to explore Amitav Ghosh’s magnum opus from fresh perspectives and intends to add to the expanding field of Ghosh scholarship. It invites articles from academics, interested research scholars on the novel, not confined to the topics mentioned above.