Afterlives of Medieval Religion in Contemporary Works

deadline for submissions: 
September 7, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Tales After Tolkien Society

This CFP is for the International Conference of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, 2019.


It is for a paper session titled Afterlives of Medieval Religion in Contemporary Works. The panel will look at how the post-Tolkien works of fiction appropriate and misappropriate medieval religious constructions in any medium.


That formal religion was a central element of the European medieval, broadly conceived, is a conventional wisdom that is reflected both in the typical programming of the Congress and in the pages of Speculum, among others—yet many medievalist works, particularly those in mainstream popular culture, neglect or shy away from overt religiosity, or else they invoke it partially and only to specific effects, and in ways that do not appear to align well to the functions of the medieval church.


Untangling the uses, misues, and avoidances of a key element of medieval culture in works that purport to be medieval or medievalist in their intent bears examination, and papers in the proposed session would be directed to those ends.


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