Exploration of "isms" in Literature: Purpose, Politics, Pragmatics, and Profundity

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September 30, 2019
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While periods of classicism, neo-classicism, modernism, and pre/post-modernism are certainly noteworthy “isms” in literature, so, also, are other concepts of “isms,” such as, heroism, supernaturalism, imagism, afro-futurism, feminism, activism, colorism, existentialism, symbolism, witticism, dualism, utopianism, et al.  The objective of this session is to examine thoughtfully how these and other pertinent “isms” have and continue to influence literature socially and culturally, realistically and idealistically, literally and figuratively, nationally and internationally.  In so doing, the researcher should think critically, insightfully, and provocatively about the importance of various “isms” in literature for their purpose, politics, pragmatics, and profundity.  Contemplate point of view, style, language, theme(s), esoteric expressions, as well as literary value as you deliberate on a topic of special interest that will work well for this unique session.

Please post abstracts of 250 words to the NeMLA portal.  If you wish to contact me, kindly send your question(s) to christina.streets07@gmail.com