Call for Bookbird Issue 57.3 (July 2019)

deadline for submissions: 
January 1, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Petros Panaou
contact email: 

Special issue on children’s literature originally published in a language other than English

Academic Articles, ca. 4000 words

Bookbird seeks contributions for a special issue that focuses on contemporary children's and YA books originally published in a language other than English, including works that have subsequently been translated into English or other languages and works that have not been translated. In spite of some encouraging trends over the past few years, texts that are originally published in English continue to dominate the international exchange of stories. Bookbird is striving to give voice to those writers, illustrators and scholars of literature in languages other than English, within the global forum offered by the journal. We seek manuscripts that take a comparative approach or are concerned with a particular national literature or a particular book, theme or creator. It is important that the article is of interest to an international audience.

Children and their Books, ca. 2500 words

Bookbird also provides a forum where those working with children and their literature can write about their experiences. Teachers, librarians, publishers, authors and parents, short articles discussing the ways in which you have worked with children and their literatures, or have watched children respond to literature are welcomed.

Authors/ Illustrators/ Translators and their Books, ca. 2500 words

Bookbird publishes interviews with authors, illustrators, or translators of children’s books. The interview needs to not have been published elsewhere and to provide some background information, before and after the main part that features questions and answers.

Postcards and Letters, ca. 300 or 1000 words

Bookbird publishes reviews of both primary and secondary sources. Brief ‘postcards’ (ca. 300 words) on individual works of children’s literature, or extended ‘letters’ (ca. 1000 words) introducing the work of a particular author or illustrator are welcomed.

Full papers should be submitted to the editors, Petros Panaou ( and Janelle Mathis ( by January 1, 2019. For further information, please visit the Bookbird website at