Physical Media and Pedagogy in Archival Practices and Information Literacy

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August 25, 2018
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Roundtable proposal for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies
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Call for Roundtable Participants at the 2019 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Seattle, Washington:

Physical Media and Pedagogy in Archival Practices and Information Literacy

Chairs: Saul Kutnicki and Andy Uhrich, Indiana University

This roundtable invites teachers, archivists, and librarians working in classrooms with physical media, either as primary sources for research or teaching tools, to discuss pedagogical or information literacy strategies for teach students about film and media history. With a growing number of collections that feature media objects as well as film collections that have crossed the threshold into becoming digitized collections, the questions and needs surrounding how physical media are introduced and utilized in the classroom to encourage student learning and research practices are more important than ever. This workshop/roundtable will focus on issues related to the preservation and access of physical film and media, integrating film and media history and information literacy into existing curricula, and designing specific activities or assignments for the classroom. Scholars with experience collaborating with librarians, as well as librarians and archivist collaborators, are encouraged to submit talking points, syllabi, and student feedback as part of their contribution to this discussion.

 We hope to address questions and share information regarding:

-How to introduce students to physical media as physical media?

-How to facilitate collaboration between instructors and librarians or archivists?

-What assignments showcase student learning about the significance of physical media?

-How can using library resources be balanced with teaching critical historical methods about film and media?

Please send a brief 250 word description of your contribution to the discussion and any other information about accompanying materials that you might refer to, (such as syllabi, finding aides, physical objects, student feedback, assignments, etc.) to and