Translating LSP in Literature through a Gender Perspective

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November 15, 2018
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University of Naples "L'Orientale" (Italy)
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Translating LSP in Literature through a Gender Perspective


Editors: Eleonora Federici, Margaret Rogers and Federico Pio Gentile


Description: the aim of this volume is to proffer an LSP and Specialized Discourse insight into the translation of specialized vocabulary in literary texts. Contributions are invited on translation and gender/sexuality, adaptation, and (re-)interpretation, in a multifocal examination of literary case studies in adherence with critical approaches that include Translation Studies, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Semiotics, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies applied – and applicable – to the heterogeneous linguistic and cultural milieu of diverse European and extra-European contexts.

This forthcoming issue of Anglistica AION seeks to bring together substantial contributions capable of depicting and displaying major contextualized examples of linguistic peculiarities that would focus on the observation of stylistic, narrative and communicative frames, patterns and schemata, commencing with a consideration of the growing importance of LSP and Translation Studies within the field of Literature. Indeed, Literature and Translation appear as two closely related disciplines, but when the former is flanked by LSP, Specialised Translation or Gender(-sensitive) translation perspectives, the connection becomes more and more opaque. Our aim is to highlight how LSP can be traced in literary and cultural texts and how gender issue and gendered language can affect the reception of the original and/or the translated text. As a consequence, with respect to the aim of the issue, in analysing such underexplored fields of investigation, we welcome contributions from the aforementioned methodological areas of inquiry, including but not limited to:


- Communication Studies

- Cognitive Stylistics

- Critical Discourse Studies

- Gender Studies

- Linguistics

- Literary Studies

- Media Studies

- Postcolonial Studies

- Pragmatics and Translation

- Rhetorics

- Semiotics

- Translation Studies


Deadline for abstract submission: November 15, 2018.

Deadline for completed articles submission: March 31, 2019.


Articles shall be forwarded to the editors at the following contacts:

Eleonora Federici:

Margaret Rogers:

Federico Pio Gentile: