Moving through Memory and Space

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September 30, 2018
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This panel seeks to explore representations of transnational space and transcultural memory in literature of French expression. Whether through exile, immigration, travel, migritudeerrance, or the meanderings of the flâneur/flâneuse, francophones have traversed a wide global terrain. Just as authors integrate place into their creations, they in turn leave their stamp on the memories and associations that accrue to any geographical location. Cultural production then reflects and inflects shifting identitarian configurations.

Submissions might address one or more of the following questions: How do writers, and their characters, transnationalize the spaces they move through? In what ways does memory – personal, generational, collective – affect the recounting of these movements? Why and how do certain sites evoke other, distant sites, perhaps ones not even visited, or only by forebears? How does the plasticity of memory intersect with the city, the monument, the home in these accounts? How do these works implicate and influence future trajectories? Any genre is welcome, taking into account the particular relation of that genre (or individual work) to space, time, or memory. Emphasis is on the modern, however you may define that.