How to Sell Your Post-Graduate Degree in Medieval Studies Outside the Tenure-Track Job Market

deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2018
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Medieval Academy of America
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The Medieval Academy of America's Graduate Student Council is looking for a few more submissions to round out our panel for Leeds 2019 (1-4 July)


Our short abstrct is:

Tenure-track (TT) positions are increasingly rare. The AHA found 47% of History PhDs in the U.S. between 2004 and 2013 are TT. The same study found 18% of PhDs in the private, government, or non-profit sectors. So, how might medievalists sell themselves to employers outside of TT? What options are there for medievalists not interested in TT? This panel brings together medievalists employed outside TT to talk about their experiences in fields often neglected in graduate programs. The aim is to help graduate students and early career PhDs better position themselves for employment outside the traditional academic market.


Austin Thomas Powell and I will be accepting brief abstracts (100-200 words) until noon EST 31 August (next Friday). Email me at Please consider contributing to this important discussion.