Nutrition and Health in the Long Eighteenth Century

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September 15, 2018
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American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS)
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In the preface to Louis Lémery’s translation of his 1702 Traité des aliments, he argues that “the Ground-work of our Preservation, consists chiefly in a Knowledge of suiting Foods to every Constitution, as it best agrees with; and so the Knowledge we ought to be most desirous of, should be that of Foods” (ix-x). Diet and survival were salient concerns throughout the eighteenth century, and, in turn, literature is bursting with references to the production and consumption of food. However, foodstuffs in relation to health is still a relatively overlooked topic in long eighteenth-century scholarship (approximately 1660-1832).

This panel welcomes papers that explore, but are by no means limited to:

*Dieting for weight loss


*Conditional consumption

*Social and gendered eating


*Diseases and sickness that are either caused or cured by particular foods or drinks, such as scurvy, diabetes, and gout.


Please send proposals of no more than 300 words to April Fuller (amfuller@umd.eduby 15 September 2018