NeMLA creative session: Portuguese and/or Canadian texts: Borders, Postcolonialism, Saudade, and 'the North'

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Angela Ferreira/University of Alberta
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Call for creative proposals for NeMLA 2018 in Washington D.C. March 21-24, 2019.

This creative session asks participants to write through a Portuguese and/or Canadian perspective in regards to borders, postcolonialism, saudade or 'the North'. The work focuses on understandings of these themes; the idea is to bring together a blend a contemporary national and/or personal views. The participant should write on either Portugal or Canada; there can be a Luso-Canadian view but this is not required for all entries. The goal is to understand and question nationhood through geography (landscapes), politics (economy), and culture (the self and the community).

Chair: Angela Ferreira, University of Alberta

Submission deadline is: Sept 30, 2018.

Submit abstracts through This session is searchable by its panel number: 17486.

Acceptance or rejection notifications made by October 15, 2018.