Women and the Natural World in Medieval Literature

deadline for submissions: 
September 24, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Olivia Colquitt / Leeds IMC 2019

This series of sessions proposes to explore the multifarious relationships between women and the natural world in medieval literature. We invite abstracts for papers on medieval texts of any language, genre, and period across the global Middle Ages. We particularly welcome submissions from doctoral candidates, early career researchers, and independent scholars. After receiving all submissions, papers will be organised into a number of linked sessions focussing on more specific topics within the overarching theme of women and the natural world.

Topics may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Representations of the connections between ruler and realm.
  • Journeys through or across natural spaces, such as forests, oceans, and wastelands.
  • The place of women within material landscapes and their impact upon them.
  • Reflections upon relationships with specific natural elements, e.g. flowers, springs, stones.
  • Transgression of boundaries, for example, between human and non-human.
  • Changes in nature: weather, disaster, renewal.
  • The role of women in the transformation of the natural world.
  • Ecocritical approaches to medieval literature, including romance, dream visions, hagiographies, etc., as well as bestiaries, herbals, and lapidaries.
  • Identity construction through the natural world.
  • Aspects of spatiality.
  • (Re)defining monstrosity and/or the supernatural within environmental frameworks.

Papers should be 15-20 minutes long. Please send abstracts of 150-200 words and a short biography of around 100 words to Olivia.Colquitt@liverpool.ac.uk. The deadline for submissions is Monday 24th September 2018. We look forward to hearing from you.