Publication “Bites Here and There”: Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism across Disciplines

deadline for submissions: 
December 30, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
University of Warwick

“Bites Here and There”:

Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism across Disciplines


The organiser of the Bites Conference (University of Warwick, 17 November 2018) invites contributions for an edited essay collection, provisionally titled “Bites Here and There”: Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism across Disciplines.


I am interested in submissions that explore instances of literal or metaphorical cannibalism across fields, and we invite abstracts on topics and disciplines including, but not limited to:


  • Survival and/or war cannibalism
  • Cannibalism as a ritual and/or a practice in archaeology, anthropology and history
  • Corpse medicine and the Eucharist as cannibalism in early modern discourse  
  • Depiction of cannibalism in art, photography, film, other media, and in popular culture
  • Literal or metaphorical cannibalism in fiction such as travel writing, horror, graphic novels, etc.
  • Cannibalism in myths, (fairy) tales, legends, and folklore
  • Cannibalism and monstrosity, and monster theory
  • Literary and cultural cannibalism in literature, (post-)colonial studies, and philosophy
  • Metaphorical cannibalism to describe otherness, abuse of power, improper relationships, etc.
  • Cannibalism as a taboo and/or trope in socialisation, psychoanalysis, and criminology
  • Corporate and market cannibalism and economy
  • Zoological cannibalism and ecology


300-500 words chapter abstracts are due by the 30thof December 2018and full chapter submissions will due by the end of summer 2019 pending Warwick Series in the Humanities (with Routledge)proposal acceptance.


The following information should accompany any submission:


  • Author’s title, name, affiliation and position
  • A brief biography (up to 100 words)
  • Permissions for any images used
  • Copies of any relevant ethics clearances and disclosure of funding
  • An acknowledgement that the work has not been previously published and is not under simultaneous consideration elsewhere


Please direct all submissions and enquiries to