“Women Don’t Ask: Negotiating the Academy” ASECS 2019-Due 15 Sept.

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September 15, 2018
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Katarina Stenke, University of Greenwich AND Youmi Jung, Texas A&M University
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“Women Don’t Ask: Negotiating the Academy” [Women’s Caucus] Katarina Stenke, University of Greenwich, K.Stenke@greenwich.ac.uk AND Youmi Jung, Texas A&M University; youmi23@tamu.edu  For many women, the idea of negotiation provokes anxiety, as it implies conflict. Convinced that negotiation means one must be aggressive, self-absorbed, and dominant and that negotiation strategies are defined by assertive language, distrust, and uncertain boundaries, many women tend to avoid negotiating. But research suggests that shying away from asking for what one wants—unlike the mode of many of our male colleagues-- can have a significant impact on a career: delayed professional advancement, lost income and benefits, fewer teaching and scholarly resources, increased stress and anxiety, and strained professional relationships. These problems, of course, are the problems of those who have successfully negotiated themselves into a career. Also at issue is how that is done, given the competitive market and the pressures of families and partners. This panel invites women to discuss effective negotiation strategies at all stages of the academic career.