Anti-Oppressive Solidarities: "Third World" Feminism's Leadership against Imperialism

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September 30, 2018
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50th NeMLA Anniversary Convention
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This session will present work by scholars on the literature, movements, activism, and cultural production from the regions of Latin/South America, Africa, and Asia, which have, in a showcase of imperial language, been described as the “Third World” by those in the industrial West. This session topic is vital and timely as the Trump administration’s rhetoric toward Africa as having “shithole countries” and the United States’ history of colonization as “taming countries” calls upon us all to actively resist such violently colonial discourse with the narratives, stories, and experiences directly from the people of these areas. By centering the voices of the “Third World” as crucial sociopolitical and feminist pedagogues, those attending this session will develop a greater appreciation for the fact that we live under one world and one global system that affects us all- though to varying degrees and political valences. The voices, guidance, and leadership from those experiencing oppression and empowerment worldwide are necessary to fully understand anti-imperial and decolonizing frameworks. In other words, those living in these areas, typically as “colored persons” embody the violence of (largely) Western imperialism and militarization, which makes them direct witnesses, able to expose and teach the best methods to undo these global structures. No longer will the “Third World” be confined to narratives of backwardness, pain, silence, and/or passivity. Instead, this session will locate, raise, and support the powerfully disruptive and collective noise coming from these lands over time and from various bodies in order to radically alter the organization of feminist movement, thought, and discourse in the "First World" - perhaps starting with the collapse of these very terms/their origins and the problematic notions of different worlds.

All disciplines are welcome.

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