Critical Conversations in Horror Studies

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Dawn Keetley / Lehigh University Press
contact email: 


Series editor: Dawn Keetley


Lehigh University Press's book series Critical Conversations in Horror Studies, edited by Dawn Keetley, Professor of English and Film at Lehigh University, is seeking manuscripts in all areas of horror studies, broadly defined.

 Publishing cutting-edge research that is accessible to both general and academic audiences, this series takes on important critical conversations about horror. The series offers a broad scope of scholarly inquiry. Not only do its books examine a range of media including film, television, and literature, but its publications also consider a variety of historical eras extending into the contemporary moment and reaching as far back as the origins of horror itself.

 Manuscripts should be focused around a specific topic, the importance of which should be made very clear, and should range from 50,000 – 90,000 words.

 Sample topics might include:

 --Disability in the horror film

--“Elevated” horror

--The renaissance in horror television (e.g., American Horror Story, Channel Zero, Stranger Things, Castle Rock)

--National horror traditions (e.g., Iranian horror film)

--Women directors of horror

--Queer horror

--The “social thriller”

--Horror fandom

--Individual horror directors (e.g., Mike Flanagan, Eli Roth, Karyn Kusama)

--Subgenres of horror film (found footage etc.)

--Horror by the decade (films or fiction that defined the 1960s, the 2000s etc.)

 Please send a proposal, a vita, and a sample chapter to Dawn Keetley at and the Director of Lehigh University Press, Kate Crassons, at Deadline is ongoing. Feel free to email Dawn Keetley with any inquiries.