National Conference on "Cartographies of Diaspora and Displacement: Narratives of Expatriates and Poetics of Exile"

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Arpita Ghosh / Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous, Bengaluru


Department of English (PG), Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru 

National Conference on "Cartographies of Diaspora and Displacement: Narratives of Expatriates and Poetics of Exile" on January 18, 2019.

Conference Concept Note

The cartographies of diaspora and narratives of exile have been extensively defined by the increasing trend of mobility of people, memory and socio-cultural practices. The experiences of diaspora, exile and migration have always fed and enriched art and literature. The narratives of literary diaspora represent and reproduce an array of experiences relevant to human, social, cultural, historical and political confrontation leveraging transnational belonging. As Makarand Paranjape has opined that, these diasporas being displaced, alienated, excluded, and oppressed, have created their own kind of epistemic disjunction at the heart of the metropolis. For these exiled people, a physical return was almost impossible while an emotional renewal was a necessity. Hence, their homelands remain ‘frozen in the diasporic imagination as a sort of sacred site or symbol’ and they recreate it ‘through the process of replication’. The new diaspora stand in stark contrast by virtue of the narratives they create about their motherland. Their movement resulting out of the necessity of economic gains tends to construct the motherland as a place of hopelessness and doom thereby justifying their rejection of the motherland. Paradoxically, though the expatriates and the exiles tend to come closer to each other, however, this closeness fails to camouflage the diversifying interests and politics of representation. This conference tries to explore the possible points of convergence and divergence of literature and art in relation to mapping narratives and experiences of the expatriates and the poetics of the exiles.
The conference directorate invites papers related to the broad theme “Cartographies of Diaspora and Displacements: Narratives of Expatriates and Poetics of Exile” and the following sub-themes:

* Literatures of diaspora 
* Literatures of migration
* Literatures of exile 
* Displacement and post/colonial studies
* Displaced communities and isolation
* Transnationalism
* Mad Culture
* Meaning across translations
* The subaltern and displacement
* The current migration crisis
* Migration as life-style
* Social and cultural adoption in host countries
* Home-making practices in diaspora communities
* Relationship of diaspora communities with countries of origin
* Representation of migration and diaspora in literature and visual arts
* Poetics of exile
* Refugee rights
* Real and imaginary landscapes
* Migration and the media
* Effects of displacement – Narratological balance
* Opportunities for constructive/proactive engagement and cooperation
* Peace, development, humanitarian response

Guidelines for Abstract & Paper Submission:

# Abstract: 250-300 words 
# Scripts should be in MS Word (2003-2007) – Times New Roman, Font size 12
# Title page: full name of the author(s), designation, affiliation and title of the paper, e-mail id and contact number
# Standard A4 size paper with 1.5 margins on all sides
# Double spacing throughout
# All full submissions should follow the latest edition of MLA stylesheet for citing sources (8th edition)
# Full papers must be a minimum word limit of 2,500 and a maximum word limit of 4,000 words
# Full papers must not exceed 20 minutes in delivery
# Soft copy of the abstract and full paper may be sent as an e-mail attachment to:

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Important Dates:

* Submission of Abstracts: 5th November, 2018
* Notification of Acceptance: 10th November, 2018
* Submission of full papers: 30th November, 2018