Global Souths Conference Call for Papers

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December 31, 2018
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Global Souths Conference
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An Interdisciplinary Conference

April 4-6, 2019// The University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Lafayette, Louisiana



Whether in the American or global context, Souths are the site of cheap labor, once exploited agriculturally and then industrially for the profit of the colonizing and industrialized and technologically advanced Norths.

—James L. Peacock, Carla Jones, and Catherine Brooks, “Gatokaca Drive,”

The American South in a Global World (2005)

The Global Souths conference (formerly known as teh Deep South in the Global South conference) is a three-day, interdisciplinary conference that aims to explore the connections between the U.S. South and the Global South. The South is more than place.  It is a point of connection, a nexus of ideas transcending both geographical and ideological boundaries. We invite all scholars and graduate students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to submit 250-350 word critical and creative proposals that explore humanity’s interactions with and responses to all aspects of globalization. Some possible approaches to this conference theme may include but are not limited to the following:


-     Space, Place, and Globalization

-     Challenging notions of “Global North/South”

-     The language of a global identity

-     Citizenship and Transnationalism

-     Conceptualizations of passing; ethnic hybridity

-     Interethnic influences and cultural appropriations

-     Global feminisms; Women and nation building

-     Environmental Sustainability

-Social Media

-     War and Revolution

-     Urban development and gentrification

-     Imperialism and subalternity

-     Commodification of place; the World Tourism Organization and poverty

-     Transportation

-     World Health Organization; Global Hysteria and Epidemics

-     Labor politics; NAFTA and the WTO

-Pedagogy for generating/transforming learning

 The conference organizers welcome and encourage complete session submissions as well as individual paper abstract submissions.Deadline for individual papers and complete panel submissions: December 31, 2018. Submit all proposals to Programming Committee at Applications for Graduate Student Travel Grants should be sent to Jeanna Mason at


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