Graduate Conference: Technology and Literature

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2018
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Boston University Department of Romance Studies
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Boston University Romance Studies Graduate Student Conference


Saturday, April 27th, 2019


Call for Papers


What is literature? What is twitterature? These questions have never been as pertinent as they are in today’s political climate. Technology has put supercomputers in our pockets and allowed for constant connection to a global internet. It has simultaneously broken down and erected cultural, social, economic, geographic, and interpersonal barriers. Technology, from the steam engine to the nanoprocessor, looms over our hopes and fears for the future, and casts its shadow over our perception of the past. This conference will examine the relationship between technology, in all of its forms, and what academics have traditionally referred to as “literature.” Does the scholarly definition of literature hold in the age of social media? Who is a writer, and who is their public? How does one mark the difference between the two?


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Truth and fiction

  • Technology and authorship: Who is a writer?

  • Cyborgs

  • Posthumanism(s)

  • Technology and the construction of the Other

  • Twitterature and social media

  • Technology in literature: How is technology represented in literature?

  • Technology and popular culture

  • Science fiction and speculative fiction


Please submit abstracts of 200-250 words for individual presentation or panel proposals to We welcome papers in English, French, or Spanish: please write your abstract in the language of the presentation. The deadline for submission is February 1st, 2019. Submission decisions will be sent out no later than February 15th.


FOR ARTISTS: We will exhibit a limited number of works of art in the conference venue. Please submit photographs of works you would like to show to by February 1st, 2019. We will notify you of our decision by February 15th.