Bryan Fuller's Song: A Critical Anthology of a Walk-On Writer

deadline for submissions: 
April 1, 2019
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Dr. Lance Norman & Dr. Matt Bowman/Lansing Community College
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Bryan Fuller’s Song: A Critical Anthology of a Walk-On Writer

Call For Papers


This collection seeks 6000-8000 word essays on the aesthetics and influence of television writer and showrunner Bryan Fuller. Fuller’s work continues to influence the golden age of prestige television from the margins through an aesthetic and narrative affect that synthesizes the macabre with the pastel, supernatural horror with Nancy Drew idealism, and science-fiction with a PBS after-school-special didacticism. Studying these kinds of combinations, among others, offer a unique celebration of Americana and critique of cultural obsession and pathology.  Fuller established his sci fi and cult writer street cred early as a guest writer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine before eventually working his way into the writer’s room for both Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. Fuller established his unique visual palate, quirky sensibility, and cult celebrity status as showrunner for Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Wonderfalls before becoming a critical darling and joining the A list of television’s golden age celebrity auteurs with Hannibal and American Gods. The editors welcome submissions on any aspect of Fuller’s oeuvre, but are particularly interested in submissions that address:

-        Desire and Homoeroticism

-        Fuller’s influence and influences

-        The ephemeral nature of Fuller’s work and collaboration with particular emphasis on quickly cancelled series (Wonderfalls), and series with a surprising early departure from Fuller (Star Trek: Voyager, Amazing Stories, and The Vampire Chronicles).

-        Vision, Sound and the Fuller aesthetic

-        The Fullerverse

-        Adaptation from other medium (Hannibal, American Gods, and Mockingbird Lane)

-         Horror, Comedy, and the Critique of Genre

-        Didacticism and Violence

-        The Fuller Protagonist


Please submit 250-500 word abstracts by April 1, 2019, to Dr. Lance Norman at or to Dr. Matt Bowman at