Tales of Terror: Gothic, Horror, and Weird Short Fiction

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December 1, 2018
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University of Warwick
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Tales, fables, fragments, sketches, and other short literary forms have comprised the fabric of scary stories told and re-told, adapted, transformed, appropriated and re-appropriated. Their brevity is, and was often, central to their wider dissemination, and for the publication and democratisation of voices that might have otherwise remained unheard; allowing them to be accessed by those who might have otherwise been excluded. Much of their debt is, undoubtedly owed to the oral yarn, the fireside tale, the urban legend, and many have, and remain, connected to a diverse and rich visual culture.

This two-day conference at the University of Warwick, 21-22 March 2019 will explore the appeal, evolutions, and elusiveness of Gothic, Horror, and Weird Short Fiction, and welcomes speakers with new and innovative perspectives at any stage of their academic career.

Topics may include (but are certainly not limited to):

v  Specific authors, rediscovered authors

v  Literary format such as penny bloods, gothic chapbooks, ghost stories, paranormal, and hybrids with detective, sensation, sci-fi, etc.

v  Theories of the short story form, structure, narrative, and ideas of genre

v  Collaborations, serials, short-story cycles and collections

v  Histories of publication: presses, publishers, magazines, cover art

v The relationship with oral tales and folklore.

v Adaptations of short stories into novels, graphic novels, radio plays, film, television dramas, etc

v Board Games, Video Games, Role Play and Short Fiction

v  Reception and the establishment

v  Global literatures, translations, de-canonisation

v  Children’s literature

v Papers that blend the creative and the critical are welcomed

v  Pre-formed panels are also encouraged.


Please send the following to Dr Jen Baker – J.Baker.5@warwick.ac.uk – by 1st December 2018

Ø  Email subject: “Tales of Terror Abstract”;

Ø  Abstracts of no more than 250 words;

Ø  Brief bios (c.150 words) of the speaker(s);

Ø   5-8 key words (e.g. Poe, Publishing, Adaptation, Reading practices, illustration)


We are delighted to be sponsored by the University of Warwick Humanities Reserach Centre, University of Warwick English and Comparative Literary Studies department, and the International Gothic Association!