Prose Poetry Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
February 25, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Leeds Trinity University / Prose poetry UK
contact email: 

To mark the publication of The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry, edited by Anne Caldwell and Oz Hardwick, there will be a one-day symposium at Leeds Trinity University (UK) on Saturday 13th July 2019.

The symposium will consist of talks, panels, the official launch of The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry, and an optional workshop. Further details may be found below. We welcome non-traditional modes of presentation and welcome panel proposals.

The organisers invite proposals from scholars and practitioners (with 150-word abstracts) for 20-minute presentations which may address – though need not necessarily be limited to – one of the following topics:

  • Prose Poetry: International Currents. The UK has arguably been more reluctant to embrace the prose poem than the US, Europe and, more recently, Australia. How has the prose poem flourished around the world?
  • Formal Boundaries and Border Crossings. The prose poem is a notoriously contested form. Can it be defined, or is its unique strength in part due to its mercurial formal transgressions? Is it, in turn, particularly suited to address topics that question boundaries?
  • Influences and Explorations. How does the prose poem relate to – and engage with – other forms, both literary and otherwise.  

Please send 150-word abstract proposals to  including name, short biog, email address. Deadline 25th February 2019.

Once we have received your proposal, we will let you know if it has been accepted, and then send you a booking form for this event.

Booking for this event is via Eventbrite here: