[UPDATE] Ontologies: Special issue of The Comparatist

deadline for submissions: 
April 1, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
The Comparatist
contact email: 

We welcome contributions that examine the turn to ontology in the humanities and the social sciences. What does the shift to ontology signify? What is it purporting to correct or overcome? What is its relation to prior turns (such as the linguistic turn and the cultural turn)? Is the turn to ontology an attempt to liberate continental philosophy from its infatuation with language and power, from its obsession with mediation, relationality, and subjectivity? What are the politics of this turn to ontology? Is it more receptive to non-European thought and to the nonhuman? What kind of philosophy or literary theory emerges when ontology is taken as the starting point?  

Topics of interest could include:

Object-Oriented Ontology

Flat ontology

Deleuzian becoming and rhizomatic epistemologies



New materialism

Latour and Actor-Network-Theory

Affects and Desires

Paranoid readings versus reparative readings

Realism and the Lacanian Real


Interested contributors should submit a 1-page abstract by April 15, 2019 to zallouz@whitman.edu. Deadline for completed articles will be December 1, 2019.