Joyce "Afterlives" (North American James Joyce Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico; June 12-16)

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February 15, 2019
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North American James Joyce Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico; June 12-16
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CFP: Joyce "Afterlives" (North American James Joyce Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico; June 12-16)


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This panel will analyze how Joyce circulates in popular and literary culture (widely defined). Joyce appears in novels, music, cinema, television, etc; works by Michael Arlen, Kate Bush, and Richard Linklater, and shows like The Simpsons, constitute famous examples. Joyce’s image, name and aura are features of all kinds of objects, ranging from pubs to statues to merchandise like t-shirts and finger puppets.


This is a call for paper proposals that address such instances. Presentations may treat narrative genres and/or particularities like tourism brochures, body art/tattoos, and that photo you posted of yourself in front of your bookcase. Papers about adaptations of Joyce into other media will receive consideration. A focus on Ulysses is suggested but not required; afterlives of other Joyce texts will be considered.


Presenters should offer readings of such “afterlives” and consider questions such as: How does this appearance of Joyce affect our understanding of his work and his legacy in relation to concepts like authorship, style and originality? How does it inflect our reception of the non-Joyce text(s)? How does the use of Joyce address such issues as nationhood and cultural identity, marketplace culture, intellectual property and law? What bearing does it have on modernism and literary history?


In an effort to work toward a diverse Joyce community, especially welcome are proposals (Spanish or English) by scholars from outside of the US, and by US scholars who are women, transgender, non-gender-conforming, and/or people of color.


Please send proposal or abstract (can be quite informal) to

Please include your academic affiliation (if any) and any other information you think would be helpful. Deadline: Feb. 15. Inquiries and feelers welcome.