Call for Chapters: The Illusion of Inclusion: Representations of Islam in Children’s Literature and Media (Edited Collection)

deadline for submissions: 
April 30, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Amanda Anderson

Call for Chapters: The Illusion of Inclusion: Representations of Islam in Children’s Literature and Media (Edited Collection)

Deadline for submission: May 15th

Dr. Amanda L. Anderson (Delaware State University) with Rukhsana Khan, acclaimed storyteller and children’s author

This project argues that there is still a need for accurate and sensitive representations of Muslims in children’s literature and media. Such portrayals must begin at a deeper level and must directly confront and reconstruct the habitually white conventions of Western publishing and production. Ultimately this project seeks to examine Muslims as both protagonists and minor characters in recent narratives to ask if these examples are accurate, inclusive, and socially responsible. Inclusion and visibility are not enough, and we should not settle for making minority figures more visible and consumable for the dominant culture, but instead insist upon more accurate depictions.  Such renderings can occur only when children’s literature and media are recreated to provide space for diverse characters without the risk of reducing such characters to caricatures or stereotypes navigating a plot that is designed for non-Muslim characters.  


Individual chapters are currently being solicited.

Topics may include but are not limited to

Aladdin, (animation, live action, and stage musical)

The Arabian Nights as children’s literature

Representations of Muslims by non-Muslims

Representations of Muslims post 9/11


Othering of Muslims (specifically by those within the culture)

Genies in literature, television, and film (particularly out of context of Islam)


Turkish Baths

Fantasy “Arabian” style clothing and costumes

Issues surrounding the Hijab, “Burkini” and other coverings

The impulse to “save” Muslim women

Holidays and celebrations of Islam


Chapter abstracts of 300 words are due by April 30th, 2019. The abstract should include a title, the text or texts covered, and indicate the significance of the larger discourse of children’s literature.

We will inform you by the end of May 2019 if your contribution has been selected for inclusion in the volume.

If contracted, final chapters of 7000-8000 words will be due in Fall 2019. 

Please send any queries to Dr. Amanda L. Anderson