Heavy Metal Music in Latin America: Perspectives from the Distorted South

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January 31, 2019
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Heavy Metal Music in Latin America: Perspectives from the Distorted South


Nelson Varas-Díaz
Florida International University

Daniel Nevárez
University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Request for Book Chapters: Latin America is a blind spot in metal scholarship published in the United States and Europe. Although academic calls for understanding metal from a diverse set of experiences have been made, these have seldom addressed the perspectives of those making and consuming music in Latin America. This does not mean that metal-related research has been absent in Latin America. On the contrary, scholars throughout the region have published articles and books on the matter, all while holding small conferences in their respective countries. Scholarly activities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico stand out as important examples. Still, barriers persist to disseminate this valuable academic production elsewhere. Lack of economic resources and language barriers seem to be two of the most salient obstacles preventing the sharing of scholarly activity carried out in the region. This edited volume aims to bring together scholars engaged in the study of heavy metal music in Latin America to reflect on this musical genre from a regional perspective. We also aim to amplify these research endeavors in order to diversify metal scholarship in the global north.

Topics: Some of the topics that we aim to address in the book include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical approaches on the development of local scenes in Latin America.

  • Intersections and/or cross-fertilization between a country’s local culture and

    heavy metal music.

  • Influence of local culture on the development of metal subgenres (e.g. pre-

    Columbian metal).

  • Phenomenological approaches towards the lived experiences of metal fans in

    Latin American countries.

  • Influence of indigenous narratives on heavy metal music.

  • Examinations of the role of political violence on heavy metal production.

  • Intersections of the history of dictatorships and heavy metal music


  • Examinations of the role of colonialism in heavy metal music.


    Examination of hybridity in Latin American heavy metal music.

  • Examinations of the ways Latin American metal is perceived and constructed

    from the US/Europe gaze.

  • Examinations of the influence of urban legends, literature, and other

    narrative forms in heavy metal lyricism.

  • Sociological/Anthropological approaches to community and identity building in the respective metal scenes.

  • Examinations of market influence, commercialization, and professionalization in Latin American metal music.

  • Explorations of linguistic dominants in oral/written practices within Latin American metal music.

  • Semiotic approaches to metal iconography in the region.

    How to Submit: Our editorial team is in the process of gauging interest on this endeavor from the academic and music community. We invite potential authors to submit a 500 word abstract, in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, in order to be considered for inclusion in the book. Selected authors will be invited to submit a full manuscript. Send your abstract to nvarasdi@fiu.edu by January 31st 2019. Selected authors will be given ample time to develop their complete chapters.

    Formats: The final book will be published in English, but authors can submit their abstracts and chapters in Spanish and Portuguese for subsequent translation.