CFP: Epistemologies and Graphic Narratives: Making and Communicating Knowledge in Hybrid Forms

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February 4, 2019
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ICLA Research Committee on Comics Studies and Graphic Narrative

The history of hybrid forms, defined as textual and visual products that combine and integrate multiple types of symbolic elements, extends back to ancient times. Our current category of graphic narrative, as constructed in the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, and Thierry Groenstein’s Système de la Bande Dessinée, participates in that history, gaining importance and traction in society and the academy in the current century. This workshop is intended to examine the history, function, and significance of graphic narratives, specifically in making and communicating various forms of knowledge—personal, scientific, historic, cultural, and textual—in a broader context of hybridity. Our presenters will detail the ways that these hybrid forms make and transform meaning.

In conceptualizing this workshop, the organizers, representing the ICLA/AILC Research Committee on Comics Studies and Graphic Narrative recognize the importance of meaning making on a symbolic/semiotic level as well as theoretical and cultural treatments, which have gained significance among groups such as the Comics Studies Society or Graphic Medicine. Thus, we invite scholars to address or suggest ways that these modes of inquiry into graphic narratives build and make meaning. Thus, this workshop is intended to allow for a new site of intellectual hybridity.

We invite scholarship on various graphic narrative canons—superheroes, national traditions, didactic, journalistic, scientific—and the ways they make meaning as and within the context of hybrid forms.


This panel is sponsored by the ICLA Research Committee on Comics Studies and Graphic Narrative.
It will be held at the 8th Congress of the European Society of Comparative LiteratureLille 26-30 August 2019


Please, send your proposal (maximum 1500 characters including spaces) to the panel organisers by Monday, 04 February 2019.

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