Contemporary Women’s Poetry: Lines and Landscapes

deadline for submissions: 
February 18, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Contemporary Women's Writing Association/University of Brighton

Contemporary Women’s Poetry: Lines and Landscapes


Friday 5th April 2019


Hastings Campus, University of Brighton



Keynote Speaker: Nerys Williams, University College Dublin



Poetry by women is wide-ranging, diverse and polyphonic. It works through and across lines and landscapes to create individual poems, collections, and bodies of work. Through traversing these in multiple ways, it establishes clusters and constellations which both speak to and disrupt traditions of poetry and poetics. This conference aims to take stock of contemporary women’s poetry, to begin to map the terrain and to articulate some of the lines and landscapes that women’s poetry explores.


We warmly invite critics, poets, editors, publishers, teachers, practitioners and students to join us to delineate and discuss contemporary women’s poetry in all its forms and in its current critical contexts. Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • contemporary currents, trends and themes in women’s poetry

  • categorisation of women poets and women’s poetry

  • ‘experimental’, ‘innovative’ or ‘other’ poetry

  • form and structure

  • sound

  • performance

  • feminist politics and poetics

  • poetry and activism

  • poetry and resistance

  • poetry and the environment

  • geography, landscape and space

  • poetry and politics

  • poetry at times of crisis

  • legacy and influence in contemporary women’s poetry

  • lyric

  • confession

  • poetry and technology

  • creative process and practice

  • poetry anthologies

  • translation

  • editing

  • publishing

  • teaching contemporary women’s poetry

Creative and innovative forms of presentation are welcome. We also welcome submissions from postgraduates and early career researchers, and aim to include a relevant postgrad/ECR career-development panel in the event.

Please send 250 word proposals for 20 minute papers, critical poetry readings (please send proposal and a sample of work) or presentations to by Monday 18th February 2019. Do get in touch via email if you have any questions or queries.