"Philip Roth's Literary Successors" Roundtable at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston, May 23-26

deadline for submissions: 
January 20, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
The Philip Roth Society

The Philip Roth Society invites participants for a roundtable discussion on the topic of "Philip Roth's Literary Successors" at the ALA conference in Boston, May 23-26, 2019. The discussion might address the following questions, among others: Who are Roth's literary inheritors? Where are his influences evident among contemporary writers? In what ways (thematic, stylistic, etc.) has Roth paved the way for writers today? Is there very notion of a literary "successor" to Roth an impossibility? Formal papers will not be read during the roundtable; rather, it will consist of brief opening statements from participants, followed by conversation amongst participants and the audience members.

Those interested in participating in the roundtable should send a brief statement of interest and short bio to Maggie McKinley at mmckinle@harpercollege.edu by January 20, 2019.