New Approaches to Latinx and the Caribbean

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March 1, 2019
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Special Issue of Studies in American Culture
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Latinx Studies has gained attention in this century and is no longer an emerging field of inquiry across multiple disciplines. This Special Issue will focus on key areas of inquiry that link Latinx and the Caribbean proposing innovative conceptual mappings that deepen understandings of existing connections as well as pointing to possible futures for the field. We are seeking in broad terms, to bring together a diverse group of scholarly voices that explore historical intersections, identity constructions, migration flows, diasporic communities, transnational challenges to ideas of citizenship and national belonging, and the place of race, gender, and sexuality in all of these. The essays’ focus of analysis can further include a broad spectrum of cultural artifacts ranging from literary texts to music, media and other expressions of popular culture. “New Approaches to Latinx and the Caribbean” will be an important intervention, not just in the field of Latinx Studies, but in the broader field of American Studies as it shifts its lens towards a hemispheric view.


Proposals for articles on “New Approaches to Latinx and the Caribbean” are sought. Articles must be written in English, though primary sources may be in any Latinx or Caribbean language. The deadline for proposals is March 1, 2019, with completed manuscripts due September 1, 2019. The final word count for completed articles is 5,000 to 7,000 words.


Please submit proposals of no more than 500 words to and Also, please include a recent CV with your submission.


If you have questions about the project, contact Delia Poey at or John Ribó at