Call for Personal Essays: Queer Horror Anthology

deadline for submissions: 
May 1, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
edited by Joe Vallese

I am currently curating an anthology of personal essay/creative nonfiction by queer writers reflecting on their relationship to horror films. The goal is a strong and eclectic collection that explores queer identity through the vast cinematic lens of horror--slashers, monster flicks, thrillers, classic and cult--in ways both surprising and evocative.  I am most intrigued and excited by the unexpected discoveries and connections we've made, and continue to make, about ourselves in that specific space where the lines of fear and arousal blur. Richard Larson's meditation on what John Carpenter's Halloween taught him about queerness is a fine example of one kind of narrative I'm looking for--but my true hope is to be delighted and challenged by many different approaches to this theme, penned by a thrumming chorus of LGBTQ voices.
Though I've been fortunate to receive some really exceptional work--Meredith Doench penned a piece reflecting on the hardship of identifying and dating as a lesbian in the early 90s against the backdrop of the Single White Female/Basic Instinct-"psycho bitch" caricature in pop culture; William Stockton investigates his and his husband's adopted son's obsession with the Chucky Doll from Child's Play as a means of expressing his rage; Ryan Dzelzkalns masterfully equates the burning flame of adolescent queer desire with his preoccupation with the Godzilla films--I am still on the hunt for more amazing writing to fatten up this collection. Also specifically seeking essays by transgender and nonbinary voices. If this project appeals to you and you'd like to pitch something, please do! If you know an amazing writer who'd be a perfect fit, I ask that you pass this onto them and, more generally, to your own community of writers. There's no publisher just yet, as I want to make the strongest pitch possible with the most realized version of the collection (and hopefully secure modest honoraria for contributors).  Deadline: May 1, 2019Submit to: Format: MS Word documentLength: 2500-500 words (flexible) Twitter: @HomoHorror