“Re-imagining Female Disabilities in Luso-Hispanic Women's Cultural Production”

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2019
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Asociación de estudios de género y sexualidad
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Contributions are requested for the special issue 45.1 of Revista de Estudios de Genero y sexualidad (before Letras femeninas) for 2019. This issue will delve into the representation of female disability, based on the artistic and cultural production carried out by women from a transhistorical perspective that encompasses both sides of the Atlantic. Priority will be given to research proposals that study how, in the different periods and cultures of Luso-Hispanics, creative women with and without disabilities have approached the topic of disability, as well as how it has been stigmatized and abused by the patriarchal society. Feminine disability filtered through the eyes of the creator also offers the opportunity to re-evaluate the intrahistory of many women who, as a result of their participation in different political and social causes, suffer physical or mental disabilities and remain, unjustly, relegated to the darkness of history.

We invite collaborators who are researching this topic to propose essays that consider one of the following lines of inquiry:

• Disability as a social phenomenon in socio-cultural conventions.

• Disability and public space.

• The space, place and temporality of the disability.

• Disability activism and social justice.

• Identity, subjectivity and self-realization.

• The body and the discourses of well-being.

• Inaccessibility and marginalization / Accessibility and inclusion.

• The intersectionality in studies of disability


Proposals (250-300 words) can be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. With the submission of the proposals, a brief biography of the writers is requested. In order for proposals to be considered for this special issue, you must be an active member of AEGS. (i.e. have paid the membership of 2019. If you are not a member, the proposal would not be considered or accepted).


Send the proposals to Esther Fernandez (ef14@rice.edu) and Victoria Ketz (ketz@lasalle.edu). The deadline for abstract submission is: February 15, 2019.