Militourism: Travel Literature and Empire - MLA guaranteed session

deadline for submissions: 
March 15, 2019
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Modern Languages Association - GS Travel Writing
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Inspired by Teresia Teaiwa’s definition of “militourism” as a “phenomenon by which a military or paramilitary force ensures the running of a tourist industry, and that same tourist industry masks the military force behind it,” this panel seeks to consider practices of “militourism” in a long historical context by soliciting papers with critical approaches to militarization, travel, and tourism from antiquity to the present day. We invite papers that engage questions of conquest, colonization, and empire; battlefield/memorial tourism; memoirs by soldiers, soldiers’ wives, and support staff; the intersections of military and tourist industries. This is a guaranteed session. Please send 250-word abstracts and a cv by March 15 to Erin Suzuki (