Revenants: Christ, Time, and the Twenty-First Century

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March 29, 2019
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Southeast Region of the Conference on Christianity and Literature

Call for Papers: Southeast Regional Meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature

 Revenants: Christ, Time, and the Twenty-First Century


June 6-8, 2019

Lee University, Cleveland, TN

Keynote Speaker: William Tate, Covenant College


Flannery O’Connor’s attribution of a “Christ-haunted” South, the metaphysical revenant that haunts Derrida’s “Of Spirit,” George Steiner’s Real Presences that “rattle about [language] like old rags or ghosts in the attic,” Richard Harries’s 2018 Haunted by Christ: Modern Writers and the Struggle for Faith, the recent currency of postsecular analysis—in these and many more instances a post-Christian literature, critical discourse, and broader culture has long been coming to terms with the terms and continuing claims of its past.  This conference seeks to explore and extend that haunting by inviting work that will address a variety of intersections between time, the Christian faith, and the literary enterprise.


Those intersections could include:

--readings of early modern or premodern texts

--readings of texts that redeploy older Christian or Biblical images or language to refresh or undermine the old meanings

--representational strategies of the old in the new, from relics to ghosts to ruins

--negotiations of temporal continuity and discontinuity in authorial, interpretive, and critical traditions

--the passage of time as a component of particular literary characterization

--narrative forms inflected by Christian theology and practice

--Christ’s presence (incarnate, Eucharistic, or otherwise) and time

--revenants and resurrection

--literary and philosophical attempts to escape from time and its implications


Projects finding other ways to engage the relationship between Christianity and literature are also welcome.


Undergraduate participation has become an important part of the SECCL; we expect to feature several undergraduate panels.


Please send 250-word abstracts or any other inquiries to Dr. Chad Schrock, The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday, March 29, 2019.