NWSA 2019: Aging and Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing

deadline for submissions: 
February 11, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
National Women's Studies Association
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Call for Proposals


The Age and Ageism Caucus of the National Women's Studies Association is seeking submissions for the 2019 annual NWSA conference. The conference will take place Nov. 14-19 in San Francisco.  Each year, the conference has an overall theme and several subthemes. We seek papers which address these themes in the context of aging and ageism. This year’s theme is  Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing.

There are 9 subthemes this year.  As we did last year, we will list the topics for you and then list points where we see specific connections to anti-ageist interventions and relevant connections to age studies. Of course, we have to keep in mind that the general conference topic stands behind all of these subthemes, but we believe there are great opportunities for important contributions on the topics of age, aging, and fighting ageism within this year’s themes.

  • Subtheme #1: politics of labor and class
  • Subtheme #2: politics of the state
  • Subtheme #3: human + nonhuman worlds
  • Subtheme #4:  transformative justice
  • Subtheme #5: trans*- /transfeminist futures
  • Subtheme #6: spatial politics / transgressing borders
  • Subtheme #7: art, performance, literary and visual culture
  • Subtheme #8: politics of knowledge
  • Subtheme #9: body politics

The Age and Ageism Caucus would like to invite your submissions for papers that explore these different aspects of the futures of age and aging. Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • regimes of knowledge on aging / the knowledge of aging women
  • realities and representations queer and trans* aging
  • older women in activism / anti-ageist activism
  • old bodies in a neoliberal world
  • teaching about age and aging
  • transnational representations of old age
  •  representations of aging persons in visual culture or literature
  • the significance of intersectionality (age, class, race, gender) for age studies

Please submit a 100-word abstract (this is important as the system will not allow for the submission of longer abstracts) for your proposed paper by February 11th, 2019 to nwsa.aging@gmail.comAlong with the abstract, please include your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and paper title. If you include sources in your abstract, please include a bibliography (the list of works does not count within the 100 words). 

Please read through the entire CFP at https://www.nwsa.org/files/2019CFP_Final(5).pdf and make sure your proposal fits with the yearly theme. Proposals that do not address the yearly theme will not be considered. 

The Age and Ageism Caucus co-chairs will compile the abstracts and submit panels to the NWSA Conference for consideration. If your abstract is selected for a panel, you must register in the NWSA database so the co-chairs can submit your abstract. Please note that acceptance to a panel does not guarantee acceptance to the conference. While panel submissions have a higher rate of acceptance than individual papers, not all panels are accepted.  

 Lastly, the Age and Ageism Caucus is always open to collaborating with related caucuses/interest groups to form panels or roundtables. If you have any questions about panels, paper proposals, or possible roundtables, please contact the Caucus chairs individually. The current chairs are Linda Hess (University of Frankfurt, linda.hess@em.uni-frankfurt.de) and Melanie Cattrell (Blinn College, melanie.cattrell@blinn.edu).