The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal Call for Paper

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March 20, 2019
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The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal

The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal

Call for Submissions


The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal is requesting submissions for its upcoming issue on the topic of human displacement and migration. In the face of war, natural disasters, and economic inequalities, the world is experiencing one of the largest migratory movements in its history. The lives of immigrants and refugees are characterized by rhetoric of exclusion that oftentimes leads to immigration policies of surveillance and control. The topic of migration fosters discussions on issues that connect the politics of disenfranchisement to ideas of nationhood and citizenship in a transnational context. Such discussions in turn serve to clarify contemporary and historical practices of human classification. TQC invites authors to explore how the recent waves of global migration are transforming our perceptions of human identity and socio-political practices, at both the individual and collective levels. This issue will explore questions such as: How do individuals and governments narrativize migration? How have migration rhetoric and discourse changed throughout history? What are the economic, political, cultural, social, and emotional consequences of migration and migration policies? And, how do migration policies enforce dehumanizing practices?  


TQC invites submissions of scholarly articles, creative writing, and photography.


The following themes are of particular interest for this issue:


·     Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum seekers

·     Citizenship and Statelessness

·     Undocumented Migration

·     Negrophobia, Islamophobia, & Xenophobia

·     Immigration Policies

·     Child Migration/ Unaccompanied Minors

·     Family Separation

·     Detention Centers

·     Poverty, Natural Disasters, & Violence

·     Nationalism & Transnationalism

·     Diaspora Studies

·     Trauma & Resilience



Submission Guidelines

Please be sure to include the title of the work and, for scholarly papers, a 250-word abstract. The deadline of submission for this issue March 20th, 2018.

Do not include any identifying information about the authors, as the document you submit will be sent to reviewers.

Submissions must be original works produced by graduate-level students. We welcome submissions in any and all languages. Papers must follow MLA formatting and citation guidelines, and should be limited to 20 pages. We do not accept concurrent submissions or submissions that have been previously published. Submissions should be submitted via the TQC digital platform at Any questions or concerns can be addressed by email to

Sincerely, TQC editors