Understanding and Misunderstanding

deadline for submissions: 
February 17, 2019
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Indiana University French and Italian
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Understanding and Misunderstanding: 

Interpretations in Language and Literature

March 1 – 2, 2019

The theme of the French and Italian 2019 GSO Conference is “Understanding and Misunderstanding: Interpretations in Language and Literature”. It aims to incite discussion on the concept of understanding and misunderstanding in both literature and linguistics. In this conference, we seek to explore the following questions, as well as others: How does interpretation affect the understanding of language, literature and media? How can we define and work within translation? What role does understanding and misunderstanding play in our global society, or in the societies of the past? How do we negotiate meaning between language and text? Between different types of media? What tools are used to understand a language, a culture, or a text? How does national identity affect our understanding or misunderstanding of others and ourselves?

Keynote speakers:

Simone Marchesi, Princeton University: “Interpretive Optimism: Tropes of Translation in Medieval French and Italian Fiction”

Dalia Ayoun, University of Arizona: “Gender in French: Understanding and Misunderstanding Galore…So Let’s Just Agree to Disagree?”

Tobias Warner, UC Davis: “Counterpoetics and Translations in Senegal”

Possible themes: 

o   translation and translation studies

o   transmedia studies 

o   multi-linguistic texts 

o   the neurological process of language 

o   authorial communication and intent 

o   the concept of authorship 

o   transnational negotiation 

o   reception of a foreign text in the US  

o   transcultural exchange 

o   material philology 

o   revival or rediscovery of texts 

o   assigning and negotiating meaning in literature and language

o   language pedagogy 

o   folklore and fables 

o   literary theory 

o   digital humanities 

o   canonical studies

We welcome submissions from graduate students. Presentations may be in English, French or Italian and should not exceed 20 minutes. Please send abstracts that do not exceed 250 words in English, French, or Italian to fritgso2019@gmail.com by February 17. Let us know if you have any requests for technology or special arrangements, and we will do our best to accommodate. In addition to your abstract, please include your presentation title, name, contact information, and a brief biography.