Indigenizing the Future: (Re)Imagining the Future of the Environment, MLA 2020 ASLE Co-Sponsored Panel

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March 1, 2019
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MLA ASLE Co-Sponsored Roundtable
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MLA 2020 ASLE Co-Sponsored Roundtable: Indigenizing the Future: (Re)Imagining the Future of the Environment


This roundtable seeks to explore Indigenous Futurisms as a productive site for understanding alternative ways of knowing. How can Indigenous Futurism serve as critical spaces for negotiating representations of Indigenous peoples and the environment? How do issues of anthropogenic climate change intersect with Indigenous Futurisms? This roundtable is interested in tracing these interconnections across Indigenous Futurisms that are about the future as much as they are about right now. With recent publications, like the MOONSHOT: Indigenous Comics Collection Volume 3 on Indigenous Futurism, and films, such as Danis Goulet’s Wakening, Indigenous Futurism is a growing field of inquiry that should be considered in the context of environmental issues. Taking cues from Grace L. Dillon, who termed Indigenous Futurism, and Gerald Vizenor’s assertion that “Native imagination, experience, and remembrance are the real landscapes of liberty” this panel seeks to explore futuristic visions that engage with issues of settler colonialism, social justice, environmental justice, and sovereignty. Discussions will ideally aim to investigate the role of Indigenous Futurisms in constructing alternative perspectives on the future environmental health of the planet.


Panelists are invited to present on topics including but not limited to: climate change, apocalypse, Indigenous slipstream, Afro-Futurism, Global Indigenous Futurisms, YA fiction, graphic novels, comic books, sci-fi, speculative fiction, horror fiction, new weird fiction, film, reproductive rights, gender, race, ethnicity, environmental racism, environmental justice, sovereignty, settler colonialism, etc. 


If you would like to propose a paper for the roundtable please email a 300 word abstract and a short bio to Nadhia Grewal ( by March 1, 2019