"Comparative Orientalisms"- MLA 2020 in Seattle

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March 15, 2019
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MLA -- CLCS Medieval Forum
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Just as there are many Orients, there are many Orientalisms, or approaches to, constructions of, and lenses upon the Orient. This CLCS-Medieval Forum session invites examinations of Comparative Orientalisms including (but not limited to): the comparative rhetoric of description and association attaching to different eastern spaces (the Holy Land, Islamicate realms, India, Southeast Asia, or China, for instance); comparative gazes, relations of power, and agendas held by differing subjects—religious, trans/national, racial or vocational—upon eastern landscapes; comparative media (maps, illustrations, texts) engaged in Orientalist construction; the place of peoples and realms poised between east and west (Jews and eastern Christians; the space of Spain) in Orientalist construction and depiction; medieval and modern Orientalisms. Please send 250-word roundtable proposals (for 8-10 minute papers) by March 15 to Shirin Khanmohamadi (shirin1@sfsu.edu).