The Futures of Solidarity: Transnational and Queer Feminisms

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February 19, 2019
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The Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality at Rice University
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Call for Papers and Panels:

The Futures of Solidarity: Transnational and Queer Feminisms
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality

12 th Annual Graduate Symposium
Rice University, Friday, April 5, 2019

The Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality at Rice University invites panel and paper
proposals for our 2019 Spring Graduate Symposium that celebrate the decades-long,
groundbreaking works in transnational feminist and queer activism and scholarship as well as
that interrogate the limits of solidarity and agency in the Global North and South. We welcome
proposals from graduate students and postdoctoral fellows within, but not limited to, the social
sciences, the natural sciences, the humanities, music, and engineering.
As injustices bracket the everyday lives of communities of color, particularly queer/gender
nonconforming individuals around the world, feminist/queer of color theories and praxis have
led to forms of knowledge and action with which to resist and dismantle the heteronormative
and patriarchal conditions that work to keep women and queer individuals and collectivities in
their place. But what happens when coalition-building and solidarity become trumped by
colonial legacies, state violence, bordering, intra-ethnic racisms, and growing right-wing
nationalisms? Less talked about in transnational feminist/queer of color discourses are the
ways in which actions and solidarities come apart or are rearranged in the face of oppressions
such as apartheid, genocide, femicide, war and other structural and racialized violences.
However, rather than seeing the ends of solidarity as cynical finalities, they provoke us to
imagine and enact creative insights and actions into the future directions of scholarship and
activism that, through grassroots organizing, coalition-building, cultural and intellectual
exchanges, can take us further into emancipatory and inclusive futures for all. Proposals may
address the following subthemes:

● National/Transnational ● Networks/Systems
● Human/Nonhuman ● Health/Disability
● Life/Nonlife ● Security/Surveillance
● Nativism/Globalism ● Activism/Solidarity
● Late neoliberalism ● Agency/Intervention
● Migration/Mobilities ● Architecture
● Race/Racisms ● Landscapes
● Futures/Futurity ● Creativity/Radical

For several decades, the Center has created and promoted interdisciplinary programs, research,
and teaching opportunities in studies of women, gender and sexuality. Intentionally broad in
scope, this symposium aims to highlight how Rice graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
diversely engage with issues of women, gender and sexuality in their work.

Please submit all proposals by February 19, 2019, to Individual paper
proposals should consist of a title and 250-word abstract. Panel proposals should be
accompanied by an additional 100-word explanation of the panel’s main themes. Each
individual presentation should be 12-15 minutes in length. In addition to individual paper
proposals, we also welcome submissions for thematically-organized panels. Panels should be
composed of 2-4 papers, and we strongly encourage interdisciplinary panels. If you have any
questions, please contact Jalylah Burrell ( ), Lupe Flores
(, or Stephanie Santos (