Special Issue of the Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning: The Toil of Feeling: Education as Emotional Labor

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June 1, 2019
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Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning

This special issue of the Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (JAEPL) seeks to elucidate the continually undervalued and unrecognized aspects of emotional labor in education for both students and instructors. Although emphases on outcomes, skills, and cognition serve valuable purposes, they also tend to eclipse emotional processes that are taken for granted and therefore rendered invisible despite being vital aspects of the labor performed by stakeholders in all educational settings.  This special issue will take as its premise the notion that we must consider emotions as work in order to obtain a fuller picture of what transpires with teachers and learners in institutional contexts and beyond.


At least since Arlie Hochschild’s early scholarship on emotional management in/of the workplace, the ways in which emotions contribute to how we earn our livelihoods and live our lives has attracted attention in the context of paid and unpaid labor.  This is especially true as we consider the gendered dimensions of emotional labor and links to traditional undervaluing of feminine as well as other marginalized subjectivities.  These tensions take on particular saliency in academic settings in which individuals might be asked/forced to perform acceptable roles that are variously inauthentic or emotionally counterintuitive to them, requiring considerable effort and cultivation.


Submissions might address such issues as:

  • Effects on health
  • Contingent labor in the academy
  • Intangibility and commodification of the affective domain
  • Positive as well as negative dimensions of emotional labor
  • Administrative as well as pedagogic contexts
  • Effects of technologies
  • Institutional cultures
  • Assessment
  • Performativity
  • Strategic containment/generation of emotions


Articles of 5,000-8,000 words should be adequately grounded in existing and especially recent scholarship of their respective subject area(s) and should account for readers’ interest in practical applications.  Submissions must closely follow all rules and guidelines designated on the JAEPL website: http://trace.tennessee.edu/jaepl/.


Deadline for submission of complete essays: June 1, 2019

Queries and/or submissions should be sent to both co-editors:

Wendy Ryden, Wendy.Ryden@liu.edu and Peter Khost, Peter.Khost@stonybrook.edu