“Not Just Amongst the Gothic: Doubles, Duality, and Doppelgangers in Children’s and Young Adult Literature”

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April 5, 2019
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Children's and Young Adult Literature and Culture Permanent Session/Midwest Modern Language Association Chicago, IL November 14-17, 2019.
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Doubles, duality, and doppelgangers are concepts found and addressed throughout Children’s and Young Adult Literature. While twins, such as those found in the Sweet Valley Highor The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamelseries, may overtly speak to doubling, other considerations, such as the “double-voiced discourse” of young adult literature Mike Cadden explores in “The Irony of Narration in Young Adult Literature,” also speaks to the wide treatment doubles and doubling have received by scholars, critics, and authors of Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Children’s and Young Adult Literature are of wide interest to audiences of children, young adults, and adults alike. As Michael Cart notes in Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism, the Young Adult Literature market is booming as “. . .one of the dramatic trends in the field is the role of adults as buyers of YA books” (Preface). The doppelganger is, likewise, prevalent in Children’s and Young Adult Literature, such as that presented in Sonya Hartnett’s Surrender, wherein Gabriel must look back upon his own life as presented through Finnigan or the problematic idealization of norming and what might be, as Steven Bruhm and Natasha Hurley explore in Curioser: On the Queerness of Children. We seek papers that explore all aspects of Children’s and Young Adult Literature, as well as those addressing the conference theme of doubles, duality, and/or doppelgangers. Considerations may be given to audience, race, technologies, body image, sexualities, disabilities, literacies, socioeconomics, immigration, rural/urban spaces, posthumanism, regionalism, and any other critical issues in children’s and young adult literature from any period and genre. Panel proposals are also welcome. 


The MMLA conference will take place in Chicago, IL  November 14-17, 2019. Inquiries and/or abstracts of 250-300 words should be sent to Dr. Amberyl Malkovich at amalkovich@concord.edu by April 5, 2019. Please include your name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and paper title in your abstract.