SCSC 2019: Angry Spenser

deadline for submissions: 
March 31, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
International Spenser Society
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For this year's Sixteenth Century Conference, to be held from 17-20 October in St. Louis, Missouri, the International Spenser Society will sponsor a panel on "Angry Spenser". Affect studies are all the rage at present, and the affect of rage is everywhere in Spenser's work. From The Faerie Queene's personifications and allegorical figures (Furor, Pyrochles, Atin) to the bitter satire of "Mother Hubberd's Tale" to the ostensible counsel of A View of the Present State of Ireland, Spenser's poetry not only explores the state, causes, and consequences of rage and wrath of all kinds but is frequently laced with anger. We invite papers that explore any aspect of anger in Spenser's work from any perspective. Please send abstracts (250 words maximum) to Sarah Van der Laan ( by 31 March.