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April 30, 2019
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SAMLA 91 - Nov 8-10 2019
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Language is a crucial aspect of the Francophone world, on the threshold between French and Creole, or other indigenous languages. The decision to write in a certain language can be simply dictated by the author’s feelings, or it can become a true political statement. As well, choosing one does not always mean that the other will remain silent: whether such process is carefully crafted, or on the contrary happens on a subconscious level, languages influence one another, and such influx tend to surface in poems, novels, songs, and other forms of expression.

This panel proposes to analyze the relationship between the Francophone author and the language he/she uses, how the language shapes identity and vice versa, how the message of literature and other forms of expression is vehiculated through the use of a certain language, and how the production of multilingual spaces such as the Francophone countries is conceived. We welcome proposals dealing with Francophone, Creolophone, and other literatures and arts produced in the Caribbean, Africa, Canada, Louisiana, French Polynesia, and other regions directly influenced by France and the French language. 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Language and Francophone literature
  • Language and identity
  • Language and politics
  • Language and minorities
  • Representations of indigenous languages in France or other French-speaking countries
  • Relationship between French and Creole
  • Language and art in Francophone countries
  • Language and Francophone music
  • Creole influence in literature
  • Language and Colonialism/Postcolonialism
  • Creole and indigenous languages in the society

Please send a 200-word abstract in English or French to Giorgia Cristiani, Tulane University,, by April 30, 2019 along with presenter's academic affiliation, contact information, as well as a short biography and A/V requirements.