Teaching in an Age of Populism

deadline for submissions: 
March 28, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Modern Language Association
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2020 MLA CFP:

“Teaching in an Age of Populism”


Conference: Modern Language Association Convention

Location: Seattle, Washington

Dates: 09–12 January 2020

Full name of sponsoring MLA committee: Executive Committee for the Forum Higher Education and the Profession (HEP): Teaching as a Profession

Contact emails: c_brown972@hotmail.com

Due date for abstracts: 28 March 2019

Call for papers/abstracts:

To what extent are traditional conceptions of the classroom as "protected" space undergoing revision? What shifts are occurring? What challenges/opportunities do these shifts bring? Are there certain topics, certain fields of inquiry, or perhaps even entire disciplines or entire languages (e.g., Arabic) that are put under particular pressure in this context? More broadly, how do we promote the very concept of studying another language and its literature/culture in this climate? Are there categories of instructional staff (e.g., adjunct/contingent faculty, graduate teaching assistants) for whom the challenges of teaching (certain topics, in certain languages, via certain methodologies) are inherently greater and/or riskier?

Submission: By 28 March 2019, submit a 200-word abstract, including references, for a 15-minute presentation to William Christopher Brown at <c_brown972@hotmail.com>.

Required memberships: To participate in this panel, all participants must be members of the Modern Language Association by 07 April 2019.