MMLA Religion and Literature Permanent Section

deadline for submissions: 
April 15, 2019
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Midwest Moderrn Language Association
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Sacred texts and folklore are filled with stories of twins, doubles and doppelgängers, struggling with one another for control of their worlds, and writers have continued to borrow, adapt, appropriate those themes and characters to tell the stories of their own times. 

Because the subject of Religion and Literature covers all genres, subgenres, regions, religions and folklore we welcome proposals that address works and writers who explore any aspect of “Doubles, Duality and Doppelgängers,” this year’s conference theme. As this year’s theme is as broad as this section’s mandate to study the intersections of religion, folklore and literature, those aspiring to be on the panel should feel empowered to offer proposals that interpret these concepts rather loosely. However, proposals may also consider, but are not limited to: mirroring, binaries, good/evil, plurality, masks, twins, adaptation, appropriation, pastiche, translation, double entendre and, of course, doubles, duality and doppelgängers. 


Please send 250-word abstracts with paper title to Dr. Seth Johnson at, no later than April 15th, 2019.