Shakespeare and Shakespearean Criticism

deadline for submissions: 
April 19, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Midwest Modern Language Association
contact email: 

The “Shakespeare and Shakespearean Criticism” permanent section of the 2019 Midwest Modern Language Association invites proposals that engage with this year’s conference theme of “Duality, Doubles, and Doppelgangers.” Scholarship that explores issues of duality in Shakespeare’s literature, and in early modern culture broadly, from myriad perspectives will be considered.

Exploring doubling in Shakespeare’s works might begin with attention to any of the following list of topics:

· Duality of texts and paratexts

· Double-meanings (linguistics, semantics, multiple interpretations)

· Double entendre

· Twins, doubles in drama

· Doubled literary sources

· Perceived identities; dual identities of a character or actor/character

· Oppositional binaries

· Duality in pedagogy

· Translations and translators

Please send proposals consisting of a presentation abstract (250 words) and a narrative biography (150 words) to Emily L. Sharrett at by Tuesday, April 5, 2019.